The Kraken's Awakening

The Kraken's Awakening is a trading game that will be available on web platform and mobile application for IOS and Android. This game works using decentralized technologies and chainlink oracles to ensure complete decentralization in the randomized system of NFT generation and results of trading trips. In addition, it makes use of Wallet Connect, which allows the integration of more than 170 wallets.
The Kraken's Awakening operates under the best security standards in the crypto sector, allowing for a secure entertainment environment and Proof of Reserves.
The Kraken's Awakening offers a mixed reward system in which RGOLD users can earn RGOLD and Risecoin users can earn Risecoin.
The Kraken's Awakening partnership allows investors of the Risecoin token to participate in all products of the ecosystem, either to earn Risecoin through Risecoin or to earn reward tokens held by the platform.
Thanks to this partnership we can create a secure ecosystem where investors, users and players alike, can find a place to have fun, earn rewards and participate in competitive game in pursuit of glory.

How to play?

The first step you will need to take is to mint a ship. Ships have 5 different rarities. Each rarity offers benefits in terms of better ability to generate rewards.
There are two types of ships:
Royalty ships: have the ability to earn rewards in Risecoin. These ships will need to be minted with the Risecoin token. The cost of a chest is 2,500 Risecoin tokens.
Pirate ships: have the ability to earn rewards in RGOLD. These ships will need to be minted with the RGOLD token. The cost of a chest is 250 RGOLD tokens.
The game will be released in 3 stages:
1-Early access for Risecoin users and royalty ships deployed the first week of December.
2-Access for RGOLD users and pirate ships desployed in end of January.
3-Mutual feedback system between ecosystems.
Note: In the event of a very high rise in the Risecoin price or RGOLD price and entry is limited, this rate will be adjusted.
All ships have a maximum trading period of 20 trips, at the end of which you will need to trade new merchandise. Risecoin or RGOLD again, depending on the type of ship, to continue generating rewards.
The ship is not destroyed.
The ships can be traded on the risebit platform's NFT marketplace.
The rarity level allows you to have a wider trading range, so the higher the rarity, the more Risecoin or RGOLD tokens you will be able to trade depending on the type of ship. Allowing to generate greater rewards in less time.
Trip time
Shipment Margin
Drop %
Max. number of trips per contract
5 days
5,000 - 50,000
4 days
5,000 - 100,000
3 days
5,000 - 200,000
2 days
5,000 - 300,000
1 day
5,000 - 400,000
The Kraken's Awakening has an odds system in order to keep the ecosystem as stable as possible. Apart from this, there are mechanisms that feed back into the click to earn reward pool, among which we have:
1-Mints. 2-Market commission. 3-The Risecoin pool is fed by the automatic buyback system of the BUSD investment pool.
The Kraken's Awakening ecosystem will be released in multiple phases, in order to create a complete and highly attractive product for consumers.
The game has an internal tax rate system of 3%.
In RGOLD 1% will be distributed for development and 2% will be distributed to land miner owners. Totaling 3%.
For Risecoin there is no platform commission tax because the token already includes 3% tax.

Probability table

Profit %
The Kraken has attacked you.
2% per trip
0 - 19
Successful trip
6% per trip
20 - 89
You found a treasure
10% per trip
90 - 99