Dex Aggregator

Risebit's decentralized exchange ecosystem allows users to always get the best conversion rate for their crypto assets. For this, an intelligent arbitrage system searches among all exchanges for the best conversion rate and routes the transaction to that dex, saving the user money automatically, quickly and securely.
The Risebit exchange is launched on the Binance Smart Chain but aims to be a decentralized multi-chain exchange, encompassing blockchains such as Ethereum, Avax, Polygon, Moonbeam, among other blockchains working under the EVM. Version 1.0 has been deployed: https://app.risebit.co/#/exchange​
This exchange currently works with Biswap, Apeswap and Pancakeswap and has an initial support of around 40 tokens while allowing new contracts to be imported. We will be adding new exchanges to make our analytics system more efficient.