RSC/BUSD Investment

Risecoin/BUSD sustainable investment pool or better known as RSC/BUSD. Risecoin miner system, with rewards in BUSD. It will have 1 single plan:
Mix Plan (7% entry and exit tax).
Note: This time the tax is lower because the token already has its own tax at the time of purchase.
Note: Each investment has a maximum of 2000 BUSD in RSC at the current price.
Note: When a plan reaches its claim stage, you will need to activate the plan in order to continue generating rewards, activation will deduct from your investment balance for the mix plan 3.5%.
Compound: There is an associated fee of 5% of the accumulated rewards at the time of compounding.

How does it work?

The user will acquire an investment valued in BUSD by paying in RSC at the exchange rate at the time of acquisition, receiving rewards in BUSD. In other words, the user will enter Risecoin into the investment pool and receive rewards in BUSD. If the value of Risecoin is 0.0016, 10.000 Risecoin is equal to $16 BUSD, in your miner will appear as invested amount $16 BUSD. If Risecoin rises or falls does not affect you, neither positively nor negatively, since your earnings will be received in stable currency (BUSD).

How will we manage to pay in BUSD if the liquidity will be in Risecoin

Liquidity will be achieved in several ways, which will be explained below. These miners will have a lower % than usual than our previous versions.
  • Mix Plan reward of 0.75% Withdrawals every 28 days (no booster) Now, we will have a booster for each miner which is based on the following, increase the % of performance and decrease the waiting time, each miner that is activated by 1 booster will have the following characteristics.
  • Mix Plan 1.50 %, Withdrawals every 21 days (with booster). Doubling your earnings and splitting your waiting time.
Mix Plan
No Compound
With Compound
No Booster
200% in 588 days
400% in 616 days
With Booster
200% in 210 days
400% in 252
Time for 200% in 21 cycles of 28 days is equal to 588 days without compounding and without booster.
Time for 200% in 10 cycles of 21 days equals 210 days without compounding and with booster. (A difference of 378 days in favour).
Time for 400% in 22 cycles of 28 days is equal to 616 days compounding and without booster.
Time for 400% in 12 cycles of 21 days is equal to 252 days compounding and with booster. (A difference of 364 days in favour).
Only nft owners can compound interest and achieve the 400% profit.
Boosters can save you up to a year of waiting time.
Each booster will have a value of $50 for the Mix Plan.
This money from the NFT boosters will be used, 80% for liquidity of the reward pool in RSC/BUSD, 10% for marketing, 10% for Platinum Card Owners.
Recently 100 Black Card Signature NFTs were successfully sold, and many users were sad not to have been able to purchase one (or more) after seeing the great benefit for the owners of these NFTs.

That's why we bring you the new NFT Platinum Card.

This NFT will give passive rewards of the entry and exit tax of that miner (RSC/BUSD). The entry and exit fee will be mostly yours (6% entry and 6% exit). Only 500 NFTs will be available.
See benefits here:

NFT Platinum Cards will be sold in 3 phases.

A first phase, then a second phase with a higher price. The price will be disclosed at a later date.

The money collected from these NFTs will be used as follows:

  • 40% liquidity of the RSC/BUSD miner pair (making it sustainable).
  • 40% which will be managed by a professional team of traders who will be in charge of using this liquidity to trade and bring daily liquidity to Risebit and its entire ecosystem, thus feeding our 3 miners. It will be distributed as follows: -1% to BNB miner . -1% to BUSD miner. -1% to RSC/BUSD miner. If traders manage to make more than 3% daily it will be 50% for them and 50% for Risebit as an extra for the ecosystem, as an emergency fund. This gives you the possibility to create a team of traders and get real liquidity to the platform.
  • 20% Marketing.
With this information you can know that all the money coming in and out of RSC/BUSD will be passively generating incredible income
And why is this sustainable, and what is the difference with the other Investment Pools?
Of all the Risecoin that enter the pool, 50% will be BURNED. This provides incredible potential for the Risecoin token to lower its supply exponentially.
Let's look at numbers as an example: In the BUSD miner in 1 week 16,000 BUSD were deposited, that amount is just over 10 million Risecoin. Imagine burning 5 million tokens in 1 week.
The other 50% will be sold in a staggered manner by the team to bring 35% liquidity into the RSC/BUSD reward pool and 15% for marketing, thus giving the price a stable buy back and sales. In addition, in the event of sharp rises or falls, the team will have the means to stabilise the price.
In short, this pool will be powered by: #1 NFT Booster. #2 NFT Platinum Card. #3 Risebit Trading Team. #4 Staggered Risecoin Sales. In this way, it is no longer solely dependent on user input, not to mention Risebit's other products.