NFT Collection Creator

The ERC-721 NFT collection creator belongs to the Smart Contract Creator network, it allows any user to easily and securely create a smart contract of an NFT collection under the ERC-721 standard, configurable, fully decentralized and deployed in the multiples network.
The NFT Collection Creator is the place where you can create NFT collections easily and without being a developer. Thanks to our Smart Contract Creator, in just a few clicks you can have your customized NFT collection.
For those who are not designers, we offer an artificial intelligence engine that will create graphics for you. With NFT Collection Creator, you can create a unique NFT collection and mint as many NFTs as you wish, whether they are the same or different, but belonging to the same collection.
All collections created in NFT Collection Creator are automatically included in our NFT marketplace so that they can be monetized in the BNB Coin.
At NFT Collection Creator, we want to revolutionize decentralized finance and make it accessible to everyone. Our mission as a company is to innovate in the world of digital assets and decentralized finance by providing affordable and easy-to-use decentralized services with the help of artificial intelligence. Our Smart Contract Creator brings decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens to everyone, regardless if you are a developer or designer. Monetize your digital assets with just a few clicks!
The contract generated by the Smart Contract Creator is a 100% secure contract with no malicious functions and no possibility of being hacked.
The NFT Collection creator allows to create multiple NFTs for that collection. Users can create different types of NFTs, mine them individually or in multiple quantities.
The created collections have the following functionalities:
1-Mint NFT for that collection individually or in bulk. (If you don't have pictures for your NFT, you can generate it using AI).
2-Mint to different wallets.
3-Transfer NFTs.
4-Generation of page where the NFTs of the users are visualized automatically.
5-Sell in the Risebit NFT market