Staking Pool Creator

The staking pool creator belongs to the Smart Contract Creator smart contract network, it allows any user to easily and securely create a smart contract from a staking pool with configurable APYs, fully decentralized and deployed in the BNB CHain, so anyone who owns the token can generate passive rewards by staking their tokens in this pool.
The contract generated by the Smart Contract Creator is a 100% secure contract with no malicious functions and no possibility of being hacked.
The Staking creator allows you to define the blocking time and APY for that time.
The created pools have the following functionalities:
1-Add rewards: the owner of the pool must add the rewards to the contract.
2-Stake tokens: Users can stake their tokens by selecting a lockout period that is defined by the pool owner. If the user chooses to block his tokens, he has to take into consideration that the pool owner may charge an early withdrawal fee.
3-Claim Rewards: Users can claim rewards generated in the pool at any time.
4-Unstake: Users can claim their staked tokens.
This service costs 0.5 BNB for general users and 0.05 BNB for Platinum Card holders.
Note: as any user can create staking pools, verify the rewards to be distributed have been injected and are sufficient for the amount of staked tokens.