Token Creator

Our token creator allows you to create a SafeToken that has been audited by solidproof, which is free of bugs and malicious functions.
This token is ownership-free, it is a fully decentralized token, so it has no minting functions, tax functions or blacklist functions that could harm investors.
The tokens created by the SafeToken will be marked as "Audited" on our platform automatically.
This token will not have alerts on coinmarketcap or any analytics site.

Steps to create a Token ERC-20

The steps to create a token are quite simple, you will need to choose a name for your token, a symbol and a supply.
Please note that once the token is created you will not be able to change the name, symbol or supply.
Once you have created your token it will be sent to your wallet immediately. To add your token you can see in the "List of created tokens" the address of your token, which you can add to your metamask wallet, trustwallet, or the wallet you have used for its creation.
Note: There is a 0.01 fee for the BNB Chain, 3 Matic for polygon, 0.1 Avax for avalanche and 0.001 for the Ethereum network.