Risebit's decentralized Launchpads system provides a secure and fully decentralized investment ecosystem. The launchpad system is a bridge that allows crypto startups to create different funding methods for their projects and investors to get audited and doxxed projects to invest in.
To make this possible, Risebit makes use of a multi-chain blockchain infrastructure, which allows through a network of smart contracts, an easy and secure way to invest in technology projects oriented to the crypto sector. Among the different collection systems are: ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering): This is a fundraising strategy through which investors acquire tokenized shares of a project in exchange for providing initial liquidity that will be injected into a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange.
The liquidity injection and LP blocking process is fully automated.
DAOO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization Offering): It is a new collection system for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations where the decentralization and voting of the communities that comprise it are a key aspect in its growth. This method allows DAOs to create collections in which the entire community has control of the funds, where it is necessary through the network of smart contracts, validate transactions through governance. This means that any transaction needs to be approved over a period of time by the community and for it to be executed 51% of the votes have to be in favor.
This system allows for greater investor approval on how the funds raised are used, ensuring greater community approval and avoiding misappropriation of funds.