Web3 Wallet

Risebit wants to revolutionize the way users interact with the blockchain. The learning curve to enter the blockchain world is very large, which causes problems of interaction with the different protocols and also causing monetary losses at the level of hacks for not understanding how wallets and smart contracts work.
Risebit has created a wallet that allows users to create an account with email and password, assigning them a web address3 that belongs entirely to the user. To make this possible, at the time of account creation and verification, use Advance Encrypt Security, cryptographic encryption and GCloud Secrets Manager to protect the private key, with part of the encryption on Risebit's GCloud servers and the other part of the encryption on Kraken Tech Studios' servers, third party that does the work of signer and that through web3 allows crypto assets to be 100% managed by the blockchain, which adds traceability and robust security, so that neither the company Risebit, nor the signer company, nor the user can know the private key, avoiding that it can be part of a hack where it is stolen. This allows us to make all interaction with the web3 totally transparent and secure for the user.
In addition, the interaction with smart contracts is done through a network that is responsible for verifying through AI if the contract is secure and if it is in the list of contracts verified by the company Signer.
This wallet is created for users who are just starting in the blockchain world as well as for users who want to have an additional level of security.


Account creation and login with email and password.
Validation of 2FA and fingerprint.
Exchange crypto-assets in DEX Aggregator.
Invest in presales thanks to the connection with the launchpad system.
Crypto-assets staking.
Payment through credit cards with cryptoassets using Pomelo.la infrastructure.
Passive earnings with the signature program.