Black Cryptographic Card

Risebit Signature
Introducing the Risebit Black Card Signature. The limited edition cryptographic card for VIP investors of the Risebit ecosystem. The Black Card Signature allows you to be part of the profit system through the taxes associated with the Risecoin token. It belongs to a program with unlimited benefits.
Version 1.0 has been deployed (Only available for Signature Clientes): https://app.risebit.co/#/signature

VIP signature benefits program:

  • 2% of the Risecoin token tax will be distributed among the owners of these limited edition NFTs. That is, if there is a market volume of 1,000,000, that is $20,000 to be distributed among the owners of the NFT.
  • Exclusive access to Staking system with exclusive APR.
  • Exclusive access to Risebit's launchpad system.
  • There will be a total of 100 NFT where each 1 represents a 2% share to be distributed.
  • Your decentralized loans with a discount of up to 30%. Save by using Risebit's ecosystem products.
  • These high-gamma NFTs belong to the G.O.A.T. family, are unique and of limited supply, which will allow owners to earn passive income.
Sustainability: The ecosystem offers several mechanisms to help with the liquidity of the financial products.
BNB Investment
Liquidity for BNB Miner.
BUSD Investment
Liquidity for BUSD Miner.
Attract new investors and users to the project.
Emergency fund
Liquidity Injection, CEX Listing, DEX Listing, New Staff, etc
Note: The sale has ended and 60 cards were sold and 10 allocated for the sustainability of the Risebit ecosystem.