Risebit Shares

At Risebit, we have undertaken the tokenization of our company through the creation of various NFTs, which gives the owners of these NFTs the opportunity to own a portion of Risebit's shares and thus a percentage of the profits generated by the products we are developing. These products include:
Wallet Web3 Dex Aggregator Launchpad for tokens and NFTs Smart Contract Creator NFTs Marketplace Decentralized Lending System Staking pools
In order to further tokenize our company, we are launching RisebitShares, which are ERC-1155 NFTs representing a fraction of Risebit. We will offer for sale a total of 10% of the company's shares for a total value of 100,000 BUSD. In this offering, we will be making available a total of 100,000 shares.
The process of selling the shares will be carried out in three phases. Each of these phases will be carried out in a specific period of time and specific conditions will be established for each phase. The sale phases are detailed below:
Phase 1: During this initial stage, we will offer for sale 40% of the shares, or a total of 40,000 shares. Interested parties will be able to purchase these shares through a designated platform, following the established instructions and requirements. This phase will be open for a limited period of time, generally two weeks.
Phase 2: In this second phase, the remaining 30% of the shares, i.e. 30,000 shares, will be offered. Following a process similar to the previous phase, investors will be able to acquire these shares within a specified period of time. The conditions and requirements will be communicated at the appropriate time, together with the designated platform for the sale.
Phase 3: The last phase of the share sale will make available the remaining 30% of the shares, i.e. 30,000 shares. In this final stage, interested parties will be able to purchase the remaining shares by following the instructions and conditions established for this particular phase. As in the previous phases, this stage will have a fixed duration.
It is important to note that RisebitShares represent an innovative form of investment, as they allow the owners of these NFTs to benefit from the profits generated by the products and services offered by Risebit. In addition, the tokenization of the company through the issuance of NFTs provides transparency and traceability to investors, while encouraging active participation in Risebit's development and growth.


10% of all fees collected from risebit products.
5m RSC distributed with 12 months vesting for share partners.
All allied projects that grant tokens to Risebit as a partnership or agreement, 50% will be distributed to share partners.
Access to the vip group of private investors.
Access to crypto conventions in which Risebit participates.
Discounts of up to 30% on future sales of nft or any other company asset.

The proceeds will be distributed as follows:

$40,000 Marketing.
$20,000 to close partnership with Apeswap.
$20,000 Certik audit.
$10,000 Development.
$5,000 Rsc/busd pool.
$5000 for Team.